Why Outdoor Furniture Costs More Than Indoor Furniture

December 20, 2018

If you’ve gone shopping for outdoor furniture, you’ve probably noticed it can often cost as much, if not more than your indoor pieces.

This may be surprising, but there’s a logical explanation behind the price tags.

Two things influence how much outdoor furniture costs. First is the type and quality of the materials used in the items, and second is the type and quality of their construction.

Here’s an informative breakdown you can use next time you think of purchasing a patio chair or table for your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture Material

The materials that an outdoor piece is made from is essential. They need to withstand conditions such as high humidity, direct sunlight, pouring rains or the cold winter air – all while looking great.

This can be particularly challenging in Australia, known for its searing summer temperatures.

Because of the country’s climate is unique, and sometimes harsh weather conditions, it can be quite a challenge to find suitable outdoor furniture you can rely on.

In short – Aluminium is the answer. Outdoor furniture made from aluminium is durable, timeless, and built to whether any weather. Although it may cost a little more upfront, it’s a guaranteed investment that’ll last a lifetime.

Need more reasons to go for aluminium? We’ve got you covered.


Outdoor furniture made from aluminium is not only known for its robust, reliable construction, but it’s also lightweight.

This means you can quickly pick it up, move it around your garden or backyard, or put it in storage. You’ve also got a lot of aluminium furniture styles to choose from.

Rust and Damage-Proof

One major complaint against metal furniture is it eventually rusts as it’s exposed to the elements over time.

Wooden furniture, while beautiful and durable, is high-maintenance, and requires constant care to keep it from structural damage, or fading.

Aluminium furniture, on the other hand, won’t rust; no matter how many rain showers or sunny days it sits through.

Since this is a material that’s not vulnerable to weather conditions, aluminium furniture won’t deteriorate over time, nor will it suffer from natural damage.

This makes it an ideal choice if you live in humid or rainy areas, or coastal cities.

Minimal Maintenance

Perhaps one of the best things about aluminium outdoor furniture is how easy it is to maintain.

All you need to do to care for your aluminium tables or chairs, is rinse with a garden hose, or spot-clean with some mild soap and water.

Aluminium also dries quickly, so you can leave it out or give it a quick wipe down after rinsing, and it’ll keep on looking and working just fine.

Styles and Colours

At Colonial Castings, we have a wide selection of aluminium outdoor furniture to suit every taste and preference.

There’s something for those who like trendier, modern designs, and also items for those who want to stick with the classics. With our pieces, you can create a range of outdoor settings and curate your outdoor atmosphere.

Excellent Value

On top of all of its incredible features and benefits, aluminium furniture is also a highly affordable way to decorate your outdoors.

You don’t have to break the bank to get your garden, backyard, patio or terrace looking great.

Create the outdoor setting you want with pieces you’ll never regret buying.

All you have to do is check out the quality aluminium outdoor furniture at Colonial Castings, purchase your picks, and get busy with creating a gorgeous outdoor space.

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