The Best Outdoor Furniture for a Small Space

December 6, 2018

According to recent data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian house sizes are shrinking, with more Australians opting for apartment living.

This small-space living is also translating into smaller outdoor areas. Shrinking balconies aside, Australians still have a year-round love affair with outdoor entertaining.

Without the luxury of sprawling lawns and big open outdoor areas, picking outdoor furniture for a small space can be a tricky balance between space and style.

Here’s what you need to know about selecting outdoor furniture for small spaces.

Questions to ask

From modern or contemporary to retro, wood, wicker or aluminium, when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, there’s no shortage of styles and materials to choose from.

With so many choices of style and substance, how do you find the right outdoor furniture to suit your small space? Here are some questions to consider when weighing up your options.

What about the weather?

If there’s one thing Australian’s love, it’s outdoor entertaining. When choosing outdoor furniture for your small space, consider the climate.

If your patio or balcony is exposed to direct sun and rain, wood, steel or plastic furniture probably won’t hold up well over time.

If you’re working with open spaces, opt for hard-wearing and durable aluminium cast furniture as it doesn’t rust. It also holds up well in all weather with a simple soapy wash.

What about maintenance?

Given that it lives outside, all outdoor furniture requires maintenance. However, some materials are more forgiving than others. So, if you’re short on both space and time, eliminate materials such as wood, cane, steel and plastic.

And, if you’re looking for a quality low maintenance option that won’t rust, opt for aluminium.

What types of outdoor furniture do you need?

While your outdoor space may be small, your options are not. Between tables, chairs, benches and sun lounges, there are many different outdoor options to choose from.

It all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. If you’re keen on entertaining, a table, chair and bench set is your best bet.

However, if it’s just you, a good book and a sunny afternoon, a simple sun lounger with a side table might be a better fit.

No matter what style, colour or size outdoor furniture you choose for your small space, you can’t go wrong with something as low maintenance as cast aluminium.

Small space, big impact

When it comes to furnishing smaller outdoor areas, without the luxury of space, always for the most practical option. Don’t be put off though – practical doesn’t mean boring.

By using clever design tricks like mirrors, colour, rugs and lights, there are ways to make your small space have a considerable impact.

Lighting is a great way to set the mood, add an illusion of space and create cosiness. While some older balconies don’t have power outlets, there are some tremendous battery-powered LED lights made specifically for outdoor use. If all else fails, there’s always the candlelit lantern.

Rugs, pillows and throw blankets are another great way to add style and colour to a small space. When choosing your accessories, be mindful they’ll be exposed to the elements. While waterproof blankets are hard to come by, always select hard-wearing and washable fabrics.

Remember, when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space, there are no rules, only options.

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