Is Aluminum Garden Furniture Weatherproof Year Round?

December 11, 2018

Because of its versatility and durability, aluminum is one of the leading contenders when it comes to choosing materials for your garden furniture.

Aluminium garden furniture should be on the top of your list as it can withstand exposure to everyday weather conditions. This means you won’t have to replace it in the near future, so you get more bang for your buck.

No-one wants their garden furniture flying across the yard every time a little light breeze comes through. With cast aluminum garden furniture, you can rest assured, it isn’t going anywhere when the wind picks up. But the question on everyone’s lips is – is it weatherproof all year round?

To give you an idea of how strong aluminum is, odds are, you’re already relying on it to keep you safe and secure dozens of times in a day, without even knowing it.

This sturdy material is often used in applications where high strength and durability are the most important consideration; from cars, trucks, planes and trains to ocean liners and building sites.

Not only is it strong and durable, but aluminum is also highly regarded for its corrosion and rust resistance, making it perfect for use as outdoor furniture.

On top of its reliability, aluminum garden furniture will retain its good looks despite exposure to the scorching Australian summer temperatures and wild thunderstorms.

Powder-coated aluminium provides a scratch-proof surface, giving your garden furniture a highly weather-resistant finish and keeping it safe from rust and UV damage.

Quality aluminum garden furniture is so durable it can last up to a decade. But, like any material, if you want it to last even longer, you have to maintain it properly.

While it can withstand daily weather conditions, to protect it from moisture, you may want to keep it indoors during the winter season, when you’re not using it as much. If you treat it well, it can last and last.

There are varying qualities of aluminum garden furniture that make it an excellent choice for your great outdoors, primarily due to it’s rust-proof and weatherproof qualities.

For superior performance, look for aluminum furniture that has rust-proof hardware, seamless welds, and a powder-coated finish to prevent oxidation.

Above and beyond – make sure you select a reputable brand with a track record of outdoor quality.

Check out our best-selling cast aluminum garden furniture below.

Chelsea 6-seater Aluminium Table

This aluminium 6-seater is ideal for outdoor get-togethers. Made from quality cast aluminium, this Australian designed and manufactured long-lasting outdoor piece is designed to fit 6 of your friends or family.

Outdoor Bench

This outdoor aluminium bench is a welcoming spot to sit in any outdoor space. Australian designed and manufactured, this durable outdoor piece is made from quality cast aluminium meaning it’ll last all seasons and occasions.

Read in the summer sun or snuggle up with a blanket, this sturdy aluminium bench is the perfect all-rounder.

Aluminium 2-seater Table and Chair Set

This classic 2-seat table is a vintage charmer that can stand the test of time. Made from quality cast aluminium, this durable outdoor piece is perfect for sipping your cuppa in the morning sun. Australian designed and manufactured, this outdoor set fits two seats and is built to withstand the elements.

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