Hosting the Ultimate Outdoor Event

October 18, 2018

While all four seasons are amazing in their way, we all look forward to the summer months when the outdoors are warm and welcoming. Hosting your friends alfresco is a welcome way to get together, so if you’re planning an open-air shindig, these ideas can turn your party into an event.

Think Theme

Even though an all-purpose event can be great, make it greater by threading a theme through. Think about what ties you and your guests together; your shared interests and ideas.

BBQ-ing may best suit your bunch, an outdoor movie might make your occasion, your chumps may be partial to champagne or your guests may gather for a calendar event.

To make your theme go the distance, add some little touches in your indoor spaces to bring the outside in; bathrooms, kitchen and living areas. That way, if the weather becomes bleak, you can see retreat indoors without breaking the mood.

Seating Plan

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a do and having to juggle your food and drink while drifting around without a place to sit. It doesn’t have to be a sit-down affair to warrant enough comfy chairs to go around.

For a warm, casual feel, put out some picnic rugs and throw-cushions with your patio furniture to provide options for your guests. So your visitors can fully enjoy your outdoor aluminium furniture, make sure you give it a clean before they arrive.

Festive Feel

The splendour of the outdoors is the ultimate decoration. On top of the leafy greens and striking flowers in your garden, you don’t need much embellishment to make your space shine.

Adding a couple of tiny touches is enough to put the festive in your function. Place some cut flowers on your side tables, then, when it gets dark, light some lanterns and turn on some twinkle lights, strung through your trees or patio.

To keep your party buzzing and fend off the mozzies, get some citronella-scented candles or tiki torches burning.

Mood Music

Like any occasion, music makes the mood. Get your playlist wrong, and you can curb the fun or ramp up the energy when you want to slow it down.

Matching your music to the arc of your event means you need to know when to transition from upbeat to chilled out. Try one of these three Spotify playlists:

Curiosity Corner

People love something to do while they’re chatting, so to add some fun activities, lay out some outdoor games like giant Jenga, quoits or bocce.

Give your guests the opportunity to make some memories by presenting an outdoor photo booth, complete with a Polaroid camera, a cardboard frame hanging from a tree, and some props to match your theme.

Drink Station

Socialising is thirsty work, especially if it’s hot outside. As your company mingles, they’ll appreciate a number of drink choices here and there. Turn a workbench into a sangria bar, a wheelbarrow into a lemonade stand or an old bathtub into a place for beer bottles on ice.

To save your grass from broken glass, use recyclable cups that are ready for the outdoors. Spice up your iced water pitches with fruits or flavours to keep your guests happy with their H2O.

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