5 Garden Trends for 2019

March 6, 2019

It’s well into the new year, and predictions have already been set for what’s hot in terms of gardening and outdoor living spaces.

According to the experts, the direction many homeowners, landscape artists and horticulture shops are going for is towards smarter, more environmentally-friendly gardening.

This means using technology such as apps, small robots, sustainable products and practices that help reduce the overall impact of climate change.

To give you some insight into what you might want to do this year, here are the top garden trends for 2019.

Vibrant, Colourful Plants

If you’ve already started seeing spotted, striped or colourful leaves on your social media feeds, you’ll know vibrant and colourful foliage is on the rise.

Flowers always add a pop of colour, but leaves in bright hues are generally longer-lasting and easier to maintain, making them this year’s breakout hit among green thumbs.

Coleus, a plant that thrives in warm weather, is a favourite, but other plants like hostas, caladiums and hyacinth vines will also add colours and patterns to your garden.

Climate Change Gardening

Due to the drastic temperature and weather changes brought on by global warming, there is growing interest in climate change gardening.

Specialists in the UK and other countries have come up with things, like ecological gardens, to deal with extreme weather swings.

Using plants that can stand up to drought, instead of buying expensive irrigation systems, is a great place to start. If you live in an area that’s been feeling the impact of climate change – look into plants and gardening methods that can adapt and thrive in such conditions.

Hanging Plants and Vertical Gardens

As housing space becomes more valuable, vertical gardens continue to top gardening trends. People are looking for alternatives to green spaces: inside smaller houses or urban units like condominiums.

Hanging plants are still widely used, but instead of traditional planters, people are opting for upcycled materials in creating vertical gardens.

By using wooden pallets, old ceramics, containers, and even unusual items like kitchen strainers, you can create a masterpiece.

Fusing Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

For those with room to spare, one significant trend for 2019 is bringing indoor and outdoor living spaces together.

This could look like putting cast aluminium chairs and a matching table inside a greenhouse for a unique breakfast area. Another idea could be to create a home movie theatre in your backyard or add tall potted ferns to your patio for a zen-like space where you can work out or do yoga.

Bright colours and unique materials continue to dominate this trend; think planters in cheerful tones or using vintage items as garden decorations.

Using Technology

In this digital age, even gardening takes its cues from technology. There are hundreds of apps now available to help anyone, from beginners to advanced green thumbs, not to mention online shops.

From garden store websites to weather apps for planting, your smartphone or laptop can help you keep your green spaces great.

Inventions such as self-control lawn mowers and hydroponic gardens for indoors are also gaining momentum, as more people opt for convenience.

In 2019, with a whole host of tools at the tip of your fingers – don’t let anything or anyone limit you and your garden.

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