5 Ideas for Your DIY Balcony Garden

January 21, 2019

A lot of us who live in apartments don’t have the luxury of an ample outdoor space. But this shouldn’t stop you from having a garden, especially if you’ve got a balcony.

Your balcony is a great place to set up a small garden, as they get a lot of air and sunlight.

Plus, plants are easier to maintain and water when they’re outdoors, and you can even set up a small seating and dining area among your balcony garden. To get started, consider these balcony garden ideas.

Go Vertical

Since space is at such a premium when it comes to balconies, going vertical instead of horizontal is the ultimate solution. You can buy ready-made, mountable hanging gardens, or use things like plumbing pipes or recycled wood pallets to make a garden wall.

Herbs are the perfect plants for hanging gardens, and you can use them to add flavour to your favourite dish. Aside from herbs, you can get creative with other decorative and flowering varieties that do well in suspended planters.

Gardening Equipment

Small spaces require you to think creatively, so make your gardening equipment multi-functional. Buy attractive tools and turn them into decorative items so you won’t have to waste storage space.

For example, you can hang pruning shears and spray bottles somewhere on your vertical garden, or use a stepladder in the corner of your balcony as a display area for smaller potted plants.

You can even put a sturdy bench out as seating and put things like gloves, mulch, and potting soil on it.

Consider a Lawn

Just because it’s a balcony doesn’t mean it can’t have a lawn. For that outdoor-lawn feel, you might want to consider laying synthetic lawn tiles or an alternative kind of green floor covering on your balcony.

Not only is it easy on the eye, but it’s also incredibly low-maintenance and fantastic underfoot.

Upcycle Containers

One of the best things about creating a balcony garden is that there are a lot of eco-friendly ways to go about it.

Try container gardening by repurposing materials such as tin cans, clay jars, old plastic tubs; basically, anything that can hold soil and drain water can be upcycled.

Think outside the square and look for other items you can plant in, like vintage urns, flea-market ceramics, or sturdy apple crates. These will all give your balcony a refreshing, artistic air.

Choose Lightweight

If you’re going to be putting chairs, tables or benches out on your balcony, it’s best to go for those you can easily move, like this beautifully crafted aluminium dining set.

This is especially helpful if you live many floors up, or in a region known for unpredictable weather.

This way, it’s easy to carry your furniture off your balcony or rearrange it when you want to make changes to your garden, without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics.

Start creating your balcony garden, and soon you can enjoy the benefits of waking up and coming home to an outdoor space that’s all yours.

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