4 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

October 18, 2018

Because your outdoor setting can set the tone for all of your outside pursuits, it’s essential to choose the right one. That way, your friends and family will have a beautiful space to enjoy all things outdoors together. Aluminium is number one when it comes to outdoor furniture, so you probably want to know why.

It Goes the Distance

When we think aluminium, we think tougher than nails; sturdy and solid construction. You can’t go past this combo of assets which is what makes aluminium furniture a fantastic choice.

It’s built for the outdoors because it’s impervious to the elements and won’t rust, whatever the weather. All our pieces are made to spec in Australia and designed to suit our harsh environment.

Even though wooden or metal furniture is gorgeous, over time, it fades and deteriorates when you add rain and rays. Aluminium wears a superhero cape when it comes to outdoor conditions, so if you live where it’s humid, rainy or close to the coast, this is the furniture for you.

Because aluminium develops a coating of oxide, the metal is protected from direct contact with the elements that cause rot and rust. When you powder coat your furniture for fortitude and long-life, it has even more defence to counter the climate.

Maintenance is Minimal

Unlike wooden pieces which need constant care, outdoor aluminium furniture needs next to none. When it comes to this kind of outdoor item, a little upkeep goes a long way.

To keep your aluminium pieces in ship shape, there’s a specific way to keep them clean. Grab a bucket of warm water, add some washing liquid or car wash, start sponging, then leave it to air dry.

Do not use abrasive products like steel wool or a wire brush, instead, use something more pliable like a sponge or cloth. Never use ammonia, because it will cause oxidation.

Aesthetic Options

Aluminium isn’t a one trick pony, it’s versatile, allowing you to mix it up with style, colour and cushions. You can adjust the look to suit your personal preference; whether you like a classic look or a trendier appearance, our designs and custom colours can open up your options.

Furnish your outdoor spaces with anything from neutral, earthy tones to colours that pack a punch. Whether you want to deck out your area with a large dining set, a single chair, or a couple of poolside lounges, our powder coating technology means you can colour in your design.

Add a little something extra by popping on some seat cushions for comfort and a bit of ‘pop.’


Of all the ways outdoor aluminium furniture is a fantastic choice for your outdoor spaces, it offers incredible value for your dollar. Because it lasts and lasts, with no expensive upkeep required, it’s an affordable way to decorate and create functional living spaces, outside.

Ours is highest-quality furniture, which means you pay once for stylish, long-lasting outdoor furniture, without having to fork out for replacement pieces when the wood or plastic bites the dust. Get garden furniture, pool lounges, chairs and full outdoor dining settings that will last through all the conditions the outdoors can muster.

Because aluminium furniture is the top choice for outdoor pieces, it’s an investment that grows and evolves with you and your lifestyle. And because all our products come with a 25-year warranty, our custom pieces are the best reason you need to choose aluminium outdoor furniture.

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